Sunday, October 11, 2009

Canada; Not sure what day; Ottawa; Crew

I was sad to leave Toronto on that rainy morning, and we had a 5 hour drive facing us to Ottawa; Canada's national capital. I took the first leg out of the city and drove until we hit a travel plaza about two hours northwest.

Now I am not saying that my eating habits loosen with each day but, um, well, we ate KFC. Meat is a grounding food, and when traveling sometimes it is necessary to ground yourself. And, so, that is what we did. We fully grounded ourselves.

Jorge took the wheel and proceeded to drive through what looked to be Iowa on a very rainy day. It was a gray, blah, and hectic drive (what I remember of it since I fell asleep in the passenger's seat almost immediately), but we managed to make it to Ottawa with great time.

We found our way to the house where Finner, our host, was staying. When we arrived they were in the midst of making Black Flag themed cupcakes, vegan style, which has been probably the most awesome thing that I've seen since leaving Philly over a week ago.

An hour later we were in Endhits Records basement setting up equipment and prepping to shoot. All at once a mob of people show up and we shoot about a dozen people in two hours.

Back to Finners for shower and then a Friday night out on the town. We left the house and semi-crashed a wedding rehearsal dinner afterparty. Jorge and I proceeded to drink a lot and heckle the band. There was a dude wearing a Philadelphia Fliers jersey there. The band was called the White Wires. Played a fraternity-party brew of old garage rock and took our heckling with a grain of salt. Hours later we were home watching the complete DVD set of "DiGrassi Senior High"

Roommate Dave promised us brunch at his workplace the next morning but by noon he still had not awakened. So we took off to metro Ottawa for coffee and an awful hippie-granola cookie, and started meeting all of these old punks (i.e. Rene, the bearded guy in the photos above) and lots of hot girls (we didn't actually meet them, but looked at them), which Ottawa seems to host in droves.

Next thing we are in the car on our way to Montreal. Montreal..? Never been... More on that later. Cool As Fuck people. Weird As Fuck place. Neither Jorge or I spoke French so my attempts to rap with this super hot girl at a local "punk" bar met with "cultural" problems right off the bat. A drink was needed; Gin and Tonic thank you. But, yeah, more on that later.


  1. It was awesome hanging out with you guys, thanks for coming by!