Friday, October 16, 2009

Cincinnati is a wrap.

From Stefan:
After our canvassing efforts earlier today, we ended up getting a handful of folks who descended into the basement of the Comet in Northside. And what a great mix they were: a woman who came up from Lexington, KY (showing off the bars, several Black Flag album cover art renderings and the band's name, all on her forearms), a high school teacher/city councilman, a mom with her infant son, and another guy (who had gotten the bars together with the latter two and another friend of his, whom we hope to connect with in Chicago). Alright, then...
Tomorrow Stewart will put in a few hours of tattooing with his friend Mike Dorsey in Northside, while I will likely spend some time here.
After that we'll be heading off to Columbus, OH (where I hope to score a cheap M-65 military parka in S or XS), but not without thanking our fabulous hosts Eric & Alice (and their 3 cats). Eric's an old friend of Stewart's back from Cincinnati grad school times, and Alice is a native of Washington, DC. Ergo, great conversation for all of us.

Pics and words to come from Stewart later on, I'm sure.

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