Monday, November 23, 2009



I feel like I’ve aged a hundred years since October 1st, the first day of the Barred For Life national tour. On this tour about 30 states were traversed in the brave little white Hyundai Sonata. Some were stopped in, some were shot in, and some were passed right through. Trinkets were purchased, people were visited, friends were made, and life moved at the speed of sound. I changed travel partners three times and am greatly indebted to Stefan Bauscmid (35 days), Jorge Brita (6 days), and Noe Brunnell (6 days).

Alas, I’ve only aged 50 days, though my friend commented that I’ve more gray in my hair than when I left (thanks for the ego boost, friend). Along the way I reconnected with old friends Steven Wade, Katya Rudzik, Scottie Neimet, William and Stephanie Phipott (and son Wyatt), Allen Milletics, and many others, while making a whole shit-ton of new friends as well. To everybody that we met, tons of thanks. You made this trip sooooo worth it. While I am at it I should send out a huge thank you to Ron Reyes, Kira Roessler, Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, and Rick Spellman for agreeing to be interviewed by me and my crew, and to Mister Sweettooth for offering his assistance videotaping said interviews for a future video companion to Barred For Life.

Finally, at a gas station near Richmond, Virginia, our gas card ran out of funds. While sitting there ready to push my person bank card into the pump, I thought back on all of the folks that made the US/Canada leg of this trip even remotely possible.

In no particular order I would like extend a heart-felt thank you to:

Stuart Leon Esq.
Rachel Fletcher
Shark Fin

Kyber Pass Pub

Chubb Rock
Snack Flag
Brown Jeff

The Danzig Brick
Doug “99” Achtert
Backwoods Payback

Aneurysm Rats
Exit Skateboard Supply
Robert and Tattooed Mom’s
Phillip and the Saylor Jerry Crew

Stephen of Cantina/Kyber/Royal Tavern fame

Dani Hill
Bill from Red Hook Café
Rolan from Reload Baggage Company
Carrie from Fabric Horse

All those that contributed monetarily and service wise to the Barred For Life project, and those that hosted the events (more on that later), those who attended the events (too numerous to mention in one effort), those bands that played the events, and those who put us up on their couches, beds, floors, rugs, and hardwood floors, what can I say, YOU ROCK. You made this event happen and worthwhile in so many ways.

To everybody that has followed this blog, sorry for making you wait so long between posts in the past few weeks but, fuck, I just wanted to get home.

In about two weeks Barred For Life will be in Europe. I promise to be more vigilant with my posts while there. Barring any unseen difficulty, most of the book should be written by my return mid January.