Friday, October 16, 2009


Stewart Here:

Okay, we've spent the last three fucking days under gray skies and at the 45-degree mark. I most certainly packed for the trip with extra jackets and sweaters but, damn, I thought that I would make it a bit further than Detroit before I had to unpack all of that stuff. Don't get me wrong. I love the cold weather just like any east-coaster. However, I don't like for it to attack me from behind like this. Anyway. Luckily for Stefan and I, we ended up in a town where I know many kind folk, and many cute kitties.

Arriving in Cincinnati two days ago, we made our way to my friends, Eric and Alice's, home in the Northside section of town. Northside is the equivalent to the Mt. Airy section of Philly, with big homes and lush lawns, and cool people. Our hosts have been nothing but gracious since we've arrived, and this is what I've always loved about this town; the people, my friends in particular, are super accommodating, and always cool as hell.

Well, some things went awry with setting up this shoot and, upon checking my email, I found that not a lot had been done to promote this one. So yesterday morning, first thing, I made up a poster, found a local kinko's, fired off about 100 copies of the poster, and then Stefan and I began distributing them to every tattoo shop and punk rock botique in town. The final yield, 4 people. But what an awsome crew. Our first shot was of a woman from Lexington, KY, who had more BF tattoos on her than anybody we've met up to this point. The next few shots were of 3 people that got the bars tattooed for free on with the cavaet of the tattooist that they agree that Rollins was the worst of the four Black Flag singers.

After the shoot we returned home for some well deserved sleep before trekking up to Columbus later this afternoon.

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