Friday, October 9, 2009

More on Toronto...

Okay, after leaving Buffalo, and Erich, and Erich's most awesome dog Lilly we took off to Canada. The pix above are a blow-by-blow of a border-crossing, some wine-tasting at my favorite Niagara-On-The-Lake winery, Konzelman, to the drive to Toronto.

In Toronto, disguised as tourists, we snuck around Toronto looking for bicycles, record stores, and coffee shops. We found all of them.

For Bikes, Cyclemania

For Records, Hits and Misses

For Coffee shop, Moonbean

We also met a dude who is a community organizer from Detroit, and a really cool guy who has lived all over the world, was in the US Navy during the JFK era blockade of Cuba, and was overly concerned about my not wearing a jacket in some pretty nasty, rainy weather. Fucking blast. The beautiful blonde is my friend (from the past) Katya....

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