Friday, October 9, 2009

Toronto, Ontario, Night One.

Stewart Here:

Jorge and I touristed to the max on Queen Street West where I found absolutely no friendly internet service providers. I stumbled into a "Second Cup" by the lure of free internet and found that I was permitted 15 minutes of free internet before being punted into the world of anti-internet once more.

Following our stint as Toronto tourists we showed up on the door step of Sneaky Dee's whereby we set up shop and took power naps. An hour later fellow Philadelphians appeared in the form of the Loved Ones. Jorge works with Mike, their drummer, and from there on out it was business as usual. In the end we shot 12 Torontonians, and a lot of barred women.

Ended up at Mark Pesci's spot on King Street West for some sleep and contact with my friend Katya, who I have't seen in 10 years. Met up with Katya this morning before shooting off to Ottawa. I was stoked by this entire morning. The whole thing. The meet up, the coffee, the rain, and the drive to Ottawa.

It dawned on me that I am only one week into 7 weeks of the US tour. Holy Shit.

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