Sunday, October 18, 2009




BEGIN RANT HERE: ______________________

So, where do I start with today's post. Well, let's see, TRAFFIC... Now there is a good topic, and a
good rant, but let's just say that somethings suck no matter whether you are trying to translate the information into a sort of adventurer's journal entry or just going off on shit that makes you want to fucking start a revolution from behind the wheel.

Stefan and I got off to a bit of a late start, albeit not too late to get to Chicago on time, but a late start none-the-less. We bid Scotty farewell and, if our measurements were correct, we would be in at Quimby's before 3pm, which was our slated shoot time. So, yeah, about that estimate. I remember watching the movie Stripes way back when I was a kid and the one line that I remember more than any other is when the mean seargant says, "NEVER ASSUME BECAUSE WHEN YOU ASSUME YOU MAKE AND 'ASS out of U and ME'." And so the story goes. It seemed like at every turn onto every new highway there was miles and miles and miles of fucking construction and, not surprizingly, very few places along the construction routes where we actually saw people. It was just long stretches of highway preparing for construction most places. And in a few places there was construction; though that was rare.

Anyway, by the time that we made it to Quimby's, where we met up with another of my old 90's hardcore friends, Steve Wade, there were just two people waiting to be photographed. Steve not only fliered the fuck out of this event (see yesterday's post), put it up on FB, MS, and Twitter, and talked to a ton of people about it, but I talked to at least 10 people though my various contacts that were DEFINITELY GOING TO BE THERE. However, they were
not. What a fucking bummer. It is not just a thing trend in the hardcore punk community, but it seems to be a hipster affliction nationwide. TOO COOL TO LEAVE THE HOUSE, BAR, or BRUNCH JOINT.

Maybe it is the lack of sun for the past 8 days or maybe it is residual angst from the traffic that we encountered today, but I am going on record here today to say FUCK YOU to all you people who flaked out. Luckily I love Chicago, and I am stoked to visit Chicago again, but what is gonna end up happening here (as always does in the Punk Rock scene) is that you will eventually see 250 or so people who showed up to these events t0 be photographed and be like, "I was gonna be there but I had to finish my beer and, well, by that time it was pretty late so I just went to the bar instead," and pursue your copout life without much fanfare attached. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, FUCK YOU...

Okay, now that that is off my chest, let me just say that today was officially,
unofficially, Straight Edge Day. I don't know where this crazy day came from but, well, since our host is an official card-carrying-member of the OLDER THAN YOU CREW, and I was sXe until about 10 years ago (and have a tattoo to remind me), we decided to take pix of our little celebration. While I am a very big fan of my wine and cheese, living the vegan straight edge lifestyle just doesn't really work for me anymore but, well, I honor those for whom it works. Congrats on your hard work.

Thanks to our two friends who showed up today. You will be happy to know that I am stoked that you braved the insane weather changes today to be at Quimby's for the shoot.


  1. Oct 17, 1999 was the day of the last Ten Yard Fight show (in Boston), and ever since has been celebrated as Edge Day. This year there was a big show, in Boston again, where have Heart played their last show. Bane, Cruel Hand, Rival Mob and a few others played too.

  2. I poured some of my wine on the curb in celebration.

  3. Stewart...props for calling out those who don't walk the talk, or pose, or whatever. Inaction weakens all/any movement--even a movement against movement! Stand up--no one can see you laying down. Very cool though, the $40 bars offer. I paid $35 back in '86 for mine--but they are small. Any that's bold and cool. Potash