Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chicago, Day 2.

From Stefan:
Stewart and I spent the better part of the day on N. Milwaukee Ave.
Stewart bought much needed new shoes and a digital voice recorder, I checked out Belmont Surplus (hopelessly hip-ish and overpriced, and no M65 parkas). For the rest of the afternoon we awaited the arrival of 2 more candidates for the photo/interview treatment right on the sidewalk.
At 5:15 PM, we were all done and finally got back in the car. Before heading over to Bucktown to our generous host Jessica's place, I got all the right ingredients to treat my cold (beer, pizza, 3 different kinds of homeopathic globuli) at Whole Foods.

Time for some rest and Mad Men now.
Tomorrow: a stop by a huge surplus store on N. Lincoln, then off to Milwaukee, WI.

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